A new deal

OM Angola's leader reaches out to a group of young people to offer them a new deal on life.

OM Angola´s leader, Wessel Van Der Merwe, was talking and praying with a guest at his house when he saw a group of people smoking dagga, or marijuana, just down the hill. It also looked like they were doing a deal.

He went down to the group to chat with them. He asked where they were staying and if he could help them. They were open with him, and this encounter initiated a friendship. He began to disciple the group in a field every day at 6:00 in the morning for about 45 minutes. A few of them even started working for him.

Then the local believers began to come to see what was going on with the group, and most of them are now volunteering one day a week to teach, train and get to know the men.

Through Wessel's willingness to talk and listen to this group of previously ignored men, Jesus came into their lives to give them a new “deal” of eternal life.


By OM International