To be a church you need Jesus

A group who started a funeral cooperative but registered it as a church learns what it means to be a real church.

In a rural area in Mozambique a number of people have started an association to help bury their deceased. The association was created to host a common fund into which members pay regularly, and when a relative dies, the association would handle the burial and its costs.

During the process of becoming an official association the group registered itself as a church and its 86 branches as congregations. But the group doesn’t really understand what a church is. A local missionary once told them, “To be a church you need Jesus.” The leaders looked at him with puzzled expressions but decided to follow his advice. They sent one of their younger members to OM Mozambique’s Discipleship Training.

The young man completed the two-year programme and graduated in November 2012. One evening, before their graduation, OM Africa Coordinator Francois Vosloo preached to a number of people at the training base. Leaders from eight of these “congregations” attended as well. Hearing the message, they became excited and asked to be told more about Jesus and the Christian faith.

The region of Mozambique these men come from is infamous for witchcraft and people dying from strange circumstances or through extended illnesses; however, since, many of them have come to know Jesus and circumstances have changed radically.

Now the challenge remains to equip and disciple the leaders of the congregations so they in turn can disciple their church members. OM Mozambique desires to provide training in audio format, as well as much-needed Bibles to the new believers.   

Praise God for these new believers and fellowships. Please pray that OM Mozambique will be able to provide the discipleship needed for these pastors and congregations to grow spiritually.


By OM International