Free and clear

A testimony of change in a Malawian village

“It is my passion to reach those who are not reached,” declares Donald* of Malawi. “If a thing is your passion, you do it with confidence. I am expecting more things [from the Lord] because that’s my dream.”

It is this passion and confidence in the Lord that propels Donald to make a six-hour round trip bicycle ride twice a week to a Malawian village in the district of Machinga.

Donald started reaching out to its members. He started first with his brother-in-law named Ahadi*. After hearing the gospel he happily became a follower of Jesus Christ.

Ahadi declares that before receiving Christ he “was a sheep without a shepherd”. He explains that he felt like a blind person who was living without knowing where he was going.

“This message [the gospel] is very clear,” Ahadi confesses. “And [Jesus] made us to be free … Jesus has released us.” Ahadi proclaims that he has been released from drug use and an anger problem that would result in fistfights. He has a new heart that loves the Lord and others. Ahadi wants to see other villagers accept Christ and often prays, “God, can you draw your people to us?”

Following Ahadi’s decision, Donald began sharing with Ahadi’s brother Elias*. The Lord started stirring his heart even before speaking with Donald. 

Elias explains that he felt like he was trapped in a room where his prayers would bounce off the walls and ceiling and never reach the ears of God. Elias greatly desired a relationship with the Lord, and to please Him through worship.

After meeting with Donald and hearing the gospel, Elias gave his life to Christ. He now describes himself as being out of that room, and he knows the Lord hears his prayers.

In his continued efforts to share the love of Christ with the community, Donald has seen his sister as well as three other men from the village become believers. He now desires to see the ministry grow and to eventually include a church building and a medical clinic.

Though Donald sees success in his efforts to reach the village, he gives all the credit to the Lord. He points to John 6:44, one of his favourite Bible verses, where Jesus states, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day” (NIV).

Please pray for Donald and his family. Like most of the Malawian workers he receives no financial support. Donald makes his living through sustenance farming and carpentry. He is thankful for what the Lord provides.

*Name changed


By Brad Livengood