New Beginnings Through Dreams

How the Lord called a Zambian to become a missionary in Malawi through dreams.

The Lord speaks to different people in different ways. For some it’s an inner voice that can’t be ignored, and for a few it’s an audible one. Many times the Lord speaks through another person, or in a sermon, or even through a song. Other times the Lord chooses to speak in a very special way: in dreams. Such has been the case of Muhandu Muhandu (His first name and surname are the same).

“I had three clear calls to be here,” explains Muhandu. “By here,” he is referring to Ntaja, Malawi, where he currently serves as Field Leader of OM Malawi. Each call was a dream and all three were similar.

The first call came several years ago in a powerful dream that he will never forget. Though he was currently in Mpulungu, Zambia, he dreamt that he was in Malawi. In the dream there were many people walking around clothed in traditional robes and headscarves. He saw a very large Mosque. Then, a loud voice from God stated: “Go and warn my people of their sins.” Muhandu shares that the voice was very powerful. “The voice was so loud that when I woke up I even heard the echo sound in the room.”

It was not the first time the Lord spoke to Muhandu through dreams. A few years before Muhandu dreamt of Malawi, he had a dream in which he was in a village and there was water nearby. Muhandu states that whenever he has a powerful dream he shares it with others. After the dream regarding the village he told his fellow missionary friend, Lewis Musonda.

A long time later, Lewis and Muhandu arrived by boat to Tongwa village where they would spend the next two years planting a church and sharing the gospel with the locals. Before the boat even reached the shore, he recognized this was the same village as in his dream!

Despite a successful ministry in Tongwa, the Lord had other plans for Muhandu and thus began his succession of dreams. Muhandu sought wise counsel from others, including his field leader Div du Plessis, about the calling to Malawi. Div confirmed the calling and encouraged Muhandu to take this step of faith with the Lord.

Muhandu declares that his time in the village helped prepare him for his current role, one that has been far from easy. He explains that having a clear calling has been key to remaining in Malawi through the tough challenges. “The same calling that I heard was strengthening me.  I thank God that I heard it, because if I was not sure of my calling, I would have left.” He goes on further to profess, “The same voice that said ‘Go and warn my people’ is the same voice that encouraged me when I was here.”

Please stand with Muhandu, his wife Grace and daughter Bethel by praying for them and for a successful ministry that will change the hearts and lives of the people of Malawi.


By brad Livengood