What the witch doctor saw

A Malagasy witch doctor comes to faith in Christ during an OM outreach and is baptised just one week before his death.

Lazarus, a Malagasy witch doctor, watched with interest as crowds of people followed the foreigners: Who were these strangers? They treated his people with kindness and served his community with joy and happiness.

The outreach team, composed of 15 locals and foreigners, was sent by OM Madagascar to the Antandroy people in the southern region of the island during July and August 2012. This was the first team OM Madagascar had sent to this region.

One day the team was baptising people. Lazarus, touched by what he’d seen during the outreach, approached the team and asked to be baptised too. The leaders spoke to Lazarus about the seriousness of his decision to follow Jesus and the commitment to walk in His steps. Lazarus was convinced and was baptised then.

A week later, thieves assaulted Lazarus’ house and killed him. Little had Lazarus known that his life on earth would end so soon, or that meeting the foreigners would enable him to hear news that would ensure eternal life in heaven.


By OM International