New hope found through Project Namana

Project Namana is OM Madagascar's microfinance project designed to empower the marginalised people in the city.

When Noromamy’s husband lost his job as a security guard at the bank and their middle son died from cancer, all hope seemed lost. Just 17 years old, the son had a long battle with cancer. The family had spent all their money on his medical fees and were now confined to living in a tiny six metre squared house with a small yard.

The family felt not only emotionally depressed, but also socially isolated from the community. They began a furniture business, but without money to buy wood, they had to charge their customers in advance for half the cost of the furniture. Often, the only wood they were able to afford was not dry enough – further driving down the cost of their product.

Before receiving the loan from Project Namana (meaning “friend” in Malagasy), it was difficult to afford a daily plate of rice for Noromamy's family of four. Often they had to delay paying the grocer in order to eat that day. In addition, their two sons’ school fees were no longer affordable and costs were piling up.

But now that they have received the loan, their life has greatly improved. The family received 200,000 Malagasy Ariary (equivalent to 100 USD) to boost their furniture business – which includes building beds, tables, chairs, etc.

Noromamy said, “People trust us more because we no longer ask them to pay a deposit in advance for the furniture they order." The family can also now provide rice for the family and pay the monthly school fees for the sons. “We are excited and thank God that the church could meet our needs through Project Namana," she added. "It means a lot.”

Their future dreams include having a separate work place from their house and purchasing more chickens to farm. They also attend the daily Bible reading and study group at their local church. Noromamy and her family have expressed a desire to grow in the Lord after having experienced His provision through Project Namana.


By OM International