A pivotal moment

The second generation of village missionaries reach out to a new village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Change takes time. Yet, each milestone is one step closer to reaching the goal and is cause for celebration and reflection. In the year 2000, Coen and Suria Scholz visited Lake Tanganyika for the first time. Soon afterwards, the Lord gave them a vision to reach the lost peoples in the villages along the remote shores of Lake Tanganyika.

In 2005, the first team, composed of only six people, went to Mpulungu to start a permanent ministry base. In 2007, the first Zambian missionaries were sent from Mpulungu to the villages of Tongwa and Nzovwe. In Tongwa, the Lord changed the hearts of many villagers and a church was planted.

Five years later, OM Lake Tanganyika celebrated when several members of the new Tongwa church answered the call to leave their homes and move to a new village to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These individuals are the first missionaries of the Tongwa church plant along the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The Tongwa church has become the sending church, instead of the receiving church. Business initiatives like fishing and gardening are the means that provide the financial support these missionaries need to minister in the village of Kapembwa.

This is nothing short of ground-breaking. For generations the African church has relied on external funding for support, but now these indigenous churches are creating ways to accomplish their vision through their own efforts.

Aaron and Mary Mwila, along with Duncan and Prisca Chishimba, face a difficult task with many obstacles. Kapembwa is known as a stronghold for witchcraft, creating much spiritual opposition. However, the Lord is already working in Kapembwa, and with His help the Mwila and Chishimba families will succeed.

Please pray for these new workers, as this is a pivotal season for OM Lake Tanganyika and the emerging mission movement in Africa. Please pray for the safety of the families as they travel into remote villages. Pray for good health and success in business endeavours, which they need to survive. Pray for positive attitudes and perseverance. Finally, please pray against the spiritual forces that want to stop the spread of the gospel. Especially, pray that the hearts of the villagers will be open to the Truth and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives.


By OM International