Diaspora Hope reaches out to the Muslim community

Diaspora Hope,a ministry from Cape Town, South Africa did an outreach among a Muslim community.

“Flooding lower Woodstock with prayer and the Word”

This was the objective behind an outreach lead by the Cape Town based team of Diaspora Hope from OM South Africa. Woodstock is a well-known, established suburb in close proximity to the Cape Town city centre and the home of a very large Muslim community.

Volunteers from different local churches and organisations joined in the outreach. This included the Woodstock Baptist church who was a great blessing and help to the Diaspora Hope team.

Accompanied by many hours of intercession, 1200 copies of the Gospel of John were wrapped as gifts and given to households in the lower Woodstock area on Saturday, 26 May 2012. According to the team, people were very open to receive these gifts, which resulted in some special conversations.

Marcus Spronk, the team leader, met with a Muslim family in their home; their discussion came to the conclusion that we all need to search for the truth and be willing to except it whatever it may be. Even if it’s not what we believe in now, when we find it we must sacrifice our lives for that truth. What was wonderful is that Marcus ended by praying all this in the Name of Jesus… to which the Muslim family said Amen!

The outreach was a great success, with even the weather in Cape Town cooperating perfectly.  The team was very pleased with the outcome and especially the receptiveness of the people.  According to Spronk “The seed was sown, and now we trust the Holy Spirit to enable that seed to blossom“.


By OM International