The ‘butterfly effect’

Single mothers in Namibia experience life-changing opportunities, thanks to the work and care of one Namibian woman and the OM team.

Linda Taljaard (Namibia) meets with ladies in Mahahe, a small village in the northeast Kavango region of Namibia. At the beginning of each year, the local people busily work in their gardens, looking forward to when they can eat the fruit of their labour: mahango (a type of millet), corn and pumpkin.

Many women in Namibia are single mothers leading and caring for their families. These single mothers lose their husbands because of death, divorce, migration or abandonment. Those most adversely affected are the poor whose families are condemned to a vicious cycle of poverty.

Linda is part of a team working in the community of Mahahe that meets regularly with ladies who get pregnant at a very young age, raise their children alone and live isolated lives in the middle of their communities. They gather the second Saturday of every month to learn about God's guidelines for life and acquire new skills in craft and needlework.  

On one particular occasion, the team shared from Genesis 2 about God's creation and His purpose for women. Before the meeting the ladies were challenged to bring a new friend to the study along with an empty tin to decorate. Most of the ladies brought friends, and they wrapped the tins with butterfly paper and planted flower seeds in them. Like the new seedlings, these women have experienced life-changing opportunities, thanks to the work in the area led by Linda and the OM team.

The God of the Bible ordains His people to take care of the widows, orphans and aliens (Deut. 14:28-29; Deut 24:17-22). Would you like to be part of this “butterfly effect”? Would you like to help equip single mothers in Namibia? Let´s help these women care and provide for themselves and their children, breaking the chains of poverty by giving them a new future and a renewed hope.

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By OM International