Bible Study Group Visits the "Fire Place"

The first Thursday evening of each month, OM SA has a time for missionaries to share their stories. A university student decided to come discover what the evening was all about.

Lana de Villiers, a university student in South Africa, has had an interest in missions since high school. She's not the only person in her family with a heart for missions.  Her brother is currently enrolled in OM’s MDT (Mission Discipleship Training) programme. Recently, Lana received a Facebook invite to the “Fire Place”, an evening at OM’s Ministry Centre where missionaries share their stories; specifically about how they began their work in the mission field.

Lana usually leads a high school Bible study session on Thursday evenings, but because she really wanted to go check out the “Fire Place”, which meets on the same night, she decided to invite the girls along. She knew it would be a great opportunity for the group to be exposed to missions.

“God gave us such a blessed time. I found the stories that Shantelle*shared of her experience as a missionary in the Middle East very touching. She spoke about a cultivated field God had showed her of the Middle East in which, at a distance one couldn't see any growth, but when moving closer she could see small plants coming up that will become a harvest. This really moved my heart and stirred me to pray for it [the harvest] even more fervently,” Lana said.

The Bible study group really identified with the missionary and couldn't stop talking about how much they learnt.

“They haven't had much exposure to missionaries and their life-stories yet, but that is bound to change since they are very excited to go again. It was such a blessing to me to see how they responded to what they heard and how missions became a reality to them,” Lana said.

Last December, Lana completed OM’s "Engage", a training programme which introduces people to OM and missions.

“When I am finished with my studies I will probably join OM, unless the Lord clearly indicates to me to leave for the mission field earlier,” she said.


By Bonnie Mentel