The Malagasy church takes up the baton

The vision of OM Madagascar is to partner with the Malagasy Church in every ministry. This vision is being realised in Manakara.

OM Madagascar partners with the local Malagasy church in every ministry. This is particularly true in Manakara, a town on the eastern coast of the country. OM Madagascar led an outreach to Manakara during their annual Listen to Me Islands outreach last year and built greater relationships with the local churches who got involved.

The partnership of two churches was essential to the success of the outreach, reports the team. Church members from both churches helped lead door-to-door visits and took ownership of the ministry.

The team was encouraged when three ladies, along with their small children, walked five hours to reach Manakara to join in the door-to-door outreach. The following day they walked another three hours to reach the small, rural village of Maroala, where they shared the gospel.

Maroala is a village relatively untouched by the modern world—and also by the light of the gospel. Team member Caitlin Red (US) said, “Though I had tried to mentally prepare myself, I was still shocked at the poverty.” She saw malnourished children with swollen bellies and mothers with hopeless looks in their eyes. The team had brought clothes for the people and passed these out after presenting the gospel.

In May 2011, OM Madagascar made contact with the tribal chief of Maroala. They asked his permission to start a church in his village, to which he happily agreed. During the most recent visit to Maroala, the villagers were introduced to their new pastor and his wife.

The team also took pictures with the chief and his wife and promised to return with a copy for them. When the team returned with the pictures, the chief commented, “People have come and taken pictures before, but they’ve never given us a copy.” He expressed his delight in receiving the pictures and also in seeing that Christians keep their promises.

Please pray for the new church in Maroala, as well at the pastor and his wife. The team reports that witchcraft is prevalent in this community.


By OM International