God provides for Hanta to join an OM outreach

Hanta, a committed young Christian from a rural village in Madagascar, learns that if she’s willing to obey God, He provides a way.

When Hanta told her mother she wanted go on an outreach with OM Madagascar to the city of Manakara, her mother said she didn't have the money to pay for it. But Hanta was determined to go and willing to sell whatever she had. So, she sold a few of her ducks.

When the OM Madagascar team heard of her dedication, they wrote a short story about it and asked for prayer for Hanta.

OM team members in Costa Rica read this story and decided to financially support Hanta, which enabled her to participate in the outreach that took place in September. When Hanta was asked how she felt after receiving support all the way from Costa Rica, she paused for a long moment and said, "When I received support from them, it was like I could feel God smiling down on me!"

She learnt that if you're willing to obey God, He has already opened a way for you. She commented that she had been worried about working with a team, since all the people were from different churches and backgrounds, but the love of Christ united them, and He showed her how to love others.

The most important thing she learnt about God during the outreach was concerning His grace. She said because of His grace He could use her, even though she is "just a farm girl from the rural area." 

A visit to the ocean during the outreach was particularly special for Hanta, as it was her first time. In awe of God’s creation, she asked, “Did He really create this?” Her eyes were opened to the wonders of God as they revealed His greatness.

Since the outreach, Hanta has shared in church about her experience. She’s received great responses from her peers, who say they would like to hear more.

When asked about her future, she said that she has a desire to grow deeper in her knowledge of the Scriptures. She is now busy sharing the gospel with her friends and has indicated that several have already accepted Christ as their Saviour. 

Praise God for providing the funds for Hanta to participate in the outreach. Pray that she will be a light in her community and grow in her relationship with God.


By OM International