Cowboy Camp: "Howdy Partner!"

First time camp experience for 21 South African children

For a weekend in September 2011 the OM South Africa AIDS Hope team had the privilege of taking 21 children to a Cowboy Camp. "We thank God for the opportunity that was given to our kids to go and experience the fun, learn more about God and also get to know other kids." said one of the leaders.

The children were really excited to go to the camp. They took part in lots of activities like: climbing walls, boating, pellet guns, archery, indoor rodeo and, of course, swimming. In all these activities the theme for the weekend was 'Honor'.

To 'honor' God, our friends and ourselves. The leaders, “herd bosses”, Roselyn and Philipp say it was a crazy, but really great weekend.

When asked recently about what they remembered of the camp the children first talked about the great food and fun games they played at the camp. When Philipp asked them what they remembered about the theme 'Honor', they recalled that they had spoken about honoring God, others and ourselves. "Because we are beloved children of God, we can enjoy good food and we can have fun. At all times the priority is to respect each other. This means more than just "no swearing and no fighting" " said the children.


By OM International