Someone to whom special grace was shown

Like many in Angola, Tchipangu did not have the financial means for an education. But this changed when a company decided to invest in her.

Tchipangu’s small frame belies her 13 years. Even so, she’s used to acting much older than her age.

Fetching water from the river, cooking and cleaning are part of her household responsibilities in her grandparents’ home in Menongue, Angola. Playing and going to school, however, are not—that is, until recently.

OMers Joan and Wessel van der Merwe know Tchipangu and her family well. In the beginning of 2010, a business called GAC expressed a desire to support a child financially, specifically to enable him or her to go to school.  

Because only Tchipangu’s aunt earns a salary, the family is poor did not have the means to send her to school.

When she heard that GAC had chosen her, Tchipangu’s face lit up. She was so proud when she bought her first school supplies.

From the start, Tchipangu was faithful in attending school. However, the same could not be said for her teachers. She was moved to a Christian school after a few months. GAC also decided to sponsor Tchipangu again in 2011.

Tchipangu is a Sunday school teacher at church, and Joan is training her to be effective in children’s ministry. Joan says, “As her self-esteem increases, her courage and ability to serve her family, church and community is also increasing.”

Tchipangu’s name means “someone to whom special grace was shown.”

In a country where her childhood resembled that of thousands of other children, she became an exception—someone to whom special grace was shown.


By Anneretha Combrink