Bringing light to an Indian Township

Mission Discipleship Training participants witness God’s revealing light as they minister to residents of an Indian township near Pretoria.

Recently, the participants in OM South Africa’s six-month Mission Discipleship Training programme visited an Indian township near Pretoria, to share about God’s love with the people.

One team stopped at a house and an elderly couple invited them inside. The woman talked animatedly about her Hindu faith and how she had first heard about Jesus from the Catholic school she had attended. She showed them the prayer room in her home where she prayed to her Hindu gods, Jesus and Allah. 

The woman spent most of the time talking, and the team became frustrated because there was no opportunity to share their faith with her. After a long visit, they decided to leave. 

Unexpectedly, the woman burst into tears and hugged one of them tightly. She said she had been feeling depressed the last few weeks. She knew her life needed to serve a purpose, but she couldn’t figure it out. She told them that she could tell that God had brought them to her house and that His presence had entered her house. 

The OMers were surprised, as they had barely been able to speak to her. They realised that God had still used them. Please pray that this woman and her husband will make a decision to follow Jesus.

Little girl knows Jesus is with her

During an outreach meeting held during the OM visit, team member Quinea sat beside 12-year-old Lisa. Lisa became bored with the meeting and nonchalantly began talking about a dream she’d had about Jesus. 

She told Quinea that she had gone to bed as usual but suddenly saw a bright light. She knew it was Jesus because He said something about the Bible and was very bright. She couldn’t see his face, so she knew He wasn’t one of the Hindu gods she worshiped and recognised.

In the dream, Jesus told her not to be afraid and that she could cry and let out all the sadness in her heart; He was going to comfort her. He would be there with her and she could lean on Him. 

Lisa said that the day after she dreamt that, she learnt that her dad’s uncle had died unexpectedly. Lisa continued to talk openly about her dreams and her feelings about the Hindu gods. She even participated in some of the events at the meeting that evening with others from the Mission Discipleship Training team. She informed them that she was going to go tell all her friends about Jesus. 

Before the night was over, Lisa said, “I kind of believe in your Jesus more than our gods, because there are so many of them, but at least this one I can remember and know that He is with me.”

A husband repents of his sin

On the way to meet local residents, a man in an outreach group noticed a woman wearing a jacket with what looked like the same crest as the one from his primary school. He started a conversation with her, and the woman invited the group to her home. 

The next day after church, they felt led to go to the woman’s house. When they arrived, they found a man inside. He was unable to stand or speak coherently. They tried talking to him and learnt he was the woman’s husband, whom she had wanted them to meet. 

Before long, the woman came home. She told them that she was a Christian, but that her husband was a Hindu. She said that for the past 16 years he hadn’t been good to her; he abused her and was always drunk. The couple’s son also came home, saw that his father was drunk again, and told the group that he was going to church—his escape.

The women on the team prayed with the wife while the men prayed with her husband. While the men prayed, the husband fell down on his knees and cried. He prayed that God would forgive him, that he would mean something to his family, and that God would make him a better husband and a better person. He said he’d rather go to church than to a temple. 

Please pray that God would continue working in this family. Pray that all of the people the OM team met during the outreach would experience Jesus personally.


By Bonnie Mentel