A king encounters the King of Kings

The king of a small village in Madagascar welcomes the OM team to plant a church amongst his people.

OM Madagascar has been working with local churches and believers to plant churches where the light of the gospel has not yet reached. Recently, the team took a trip to Manakara in western Madagascar to visit a local church. The pastor of the church took the team on a two-hour walk to Maroala, a small village, home to about 200 people.

“In this village there’s no school, no church. The sight of the kids touched me so much,” said Anita, a photographer with the OM team. “They not only were barefoot and wearing clothes with holes in them, but emptiness and hopelessness covered their faces as well. Yet their lives and the basic things they manage to survive with intrigued me.”

During the visit the pastor introduced the team to the chief, or king, of this small tribal community. The team asked for the chief's permission to plant a church in Maroala. He gladly responded, “You are more than welcome to come here and bring the light of God to my people.” Anita was so pleased to meet the king of Maroala and help introduce him to the King of Kings.

The OM Madagascar team is planning another outreach to Manakara this month, please pray for God's light to shine brightly in that place.


By OM International