A life saved

A food parcel from OM gave hope to a woman in despair and prevented an abortion.

God blesses an OM-run centre weekly with food deliveries from four grocery stores. Most of the food is used to provide a healthy meal for the children attending the after-school programme at the centre. If a little extra is left over, the team finds needy families in the community to bless with a food parcel.

One day, a team took food parcels to a nearby medical clinic and a worker gave one to a lady who was nine months pregnant. They didn’t know that the woman had come to have an abortion. Her family had pressured her to abort her baby, as she already has one child and the family didn’t want to feed another. But the woman decided to keep the baby because of this provision of food from God.

Praise God this food parcel prevented an abortion! Pray for all pregnant women in South Africa's impoverished areas who are considering an abortion. May they encounter God's love and receive help.


By OM International