A boy who wants to be loved

The AIDS Hope team partners with families of vulnerable children to help them build a brighter future.

As part of the AIDS Hope ministry in South Africa, the team visits the homes of the children who attend the after-school programme to see how they and their families are doing.

The team’s recent visit to Tshepo’s* home left an unforgettable mark on their hearts.

His older sister said that Tshepo came home excited and told her, "I have my own Bible!" Thepo's sister is a Christian, but the other 13 people who live in the small house are not. Because this sister is usually the only sober person in the home, she, the AIDS Hope team, and Thepo's school teacher are partnering to encourage the boy to keep on the right path.

Thepo's poor attendance and violent behaviour is a thing of the past. He is a new kid this year who wants to be loved.


* Name changed to protect identity


By Holly Keur