Bored in a queue

It seemed like an ordinary day, but God used Jeanne (South Africa) to connect and encourage future missionaries and establish a financial partnership to bringing hope to the nations.

One day Jeanne found herself waiting in a bank in the centre of Pretoria. The queue was moving very slowly and she was getting really bored. She started browsing her handbag in search of something to read. All she could find were a few gospel tracts her team was planning to use during street evangelism later that day. “How to pray effectively.” Jeanne read the first few words, and she felt she wasn’t the only one reading. She realized that people behind her were also very bored.

Having a handful of tracts, she decided to pass them on. Everybody just smiled and gladly accepted the tracts. “Why do you do this? Where do you come from?” asked one curious lady. That created an opportunity for Jeanne to tell her about missions and OM. “All right. I want to join,” resolved the lady. “Do you have a phone number to contact the OM office?”

While the ladies were exchanging contacts, another man joined the conversation: “I don’t want to go to missions, but I want to give money. How can I give towards the work you are doing?” Jeanne was gobsmacked. In the past, she felt talking about missions and money was a bit inappropriate, but she gladly wrote down the man’s phone number.

That evening, Jeanne and her team were in the Boy’s Shelter, spending time with boys who used to live on the streets. Talking to a teenage boy named David, she learned that he had a desire to be involved in missions and that he would like to join OM. His biggest worry, however, was lack of finance. David obviously didn’t have a network of friends who could support him while on mission. “I have a sponsor for you,” said Jeanne. She immediately dialled the number, and the man from the bank confirmed his willingness to support David.

Jeanne (66) was the oldest student to graduate from the second intake of OM South Africa's Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) in 2010. During her five months of studying and practical outreaches, God shaped her and expanded her horizons. Jeanne also discovered the power of prayer, and that God works in ways beyond human understanding. Please remember to pray for all MDT students and their future involvement in missions.


By OM International