Building a house

Precious is looking for a way to make a living since his parents died of AIDS.

Precious*, a 20-year-old South African man, attended the after-school programme last year at Meetse a Bophelo centre, a township-based centre run by AIDS Hope, a ministry of OM South Africa. Unfortunately, because of his age and not passing his grade level last year, Precious was asked to leave the school. He also lost his school grant and now has no income to provide for his household. The oldest of three boys in his home, Precious must look after them because their parents died of AIDS.

Precious is interested in carpentry and plumbing, but does not have the skills required to do the jobs. A carpenter said he is willing to teach Precious practical working skills, as well as disciple him to be a man of God. But, he required Precious be tested to determine whether he has an aptitude for carpentry and similar work. Precious has taken his aptitude test and is waiting for the results.

Please pray for Precious and God’s work in his life. Pray for others in South Africa, like Precious, who also seek opportunity. Pray for the work of AIDS Hope and the after-school programme in Meetse a Bophelo centre.

*Name changed


By OM International