Message of chief importance

Takoradi, Ghana :: Ghanaian tribal chiefs desire to take message of God's love back to their people.

“It’s time to start thinking about God and I believe the right group of people was chosen to be here today,” said Chief Kwesi Ageymang of Dixcove. He was among 84 chiefs and sub-chiefs of Ghana’s Western Region who attended a programme on board Logos Hope. For many of them, it was a touching, first-time experience to be esteemed and thanked by a Christian organisation for their role in leading their communities. Captain Dirk Colenbrander (Netherlands) emphasized to the chiefs that without God’s daily guidance, he couldn’t do his job. “And I’m thankful that same wonderful God also wants to help you with your difficult task,” Dirk said. The chiefs themselves expressed that what they just learned about God’s love would have a great impact once they, in turn, shared the message with their people.


By OM International