Teacher's aid

Takoradi, Ghana :: Teachers enjoy bringing their students to a place where learning is fun.

“I especially liked exposing the kids to a study-like environment,” said Madam Hanna from Bethany Methodist basic school located in Essikadu. Hanna and her colleagues are among the many teachers who care about the success of their students and want them to have a good experience at school. Bringing them to Logos Hope where they visited the onboard book fair and watched an interactive play called ‘The Greatest Treasure’ allowed them to not only get to know new books, but also stimulated their imagination. “We enjoyed especially the puppet story about Jonah,” said Hanna. Children participating in the programme accounted for over one fifth of the total amount of visitors received in the first eight days. Onboard Events Coordinator Doron Lukat (Germany) said, “Many teachers told me how much the kids enjoyed it.”


By OM International