Hands-on volunteer

Takoradi, Ghana :: Local volunteer and student of marine engine mechanics finds purpose in Logos Hope's visit.

Short-term volunteer Paul Amanor (Ghana) said he read about Logos Hope’s purpose and thought, "If such a vessel is bringing this hope to Ghana, why wouldn’t I join in?" He started out working in the book fair during the ship’s visit to Tema, and then, as a student of marine engine mechanics, moved to the engine department on the voyage to Takoradi. After that new and nervous experience, Paul worked on insulating the roof of the tank room in order to protect one of the accommodation sections above it from high temperatures during sailing. Being able to help solve some of the struggles of life on board the ship has made Paul consider joining long-term. However, staying longer would not only involve getting used to sailing. “I would also have to get used to this food!” Paul concluded.


By OM International