Creating an appetite for books

Tema, Ghana :: Local radio uses Logos Hope as venue for first reading clinic.

Benjamin Adu-Boahene visited Logos II many years ago when he was in junior high school. Remembering the excitement and curiosity he felt back then is why he thought Logos Hope was such a great place to hold a reading clinic for children. He and the rest of the crew at a local radio station called Joy 99.7 FM began an initiative last February to help school children have a stronger appetite for books. “It’s a very exciting thing to go on a ship and see other people. And if you merge that with reading it creates a very satisfying feeling,” he said. During the clinic, 70 children, aged 8 to 13, feasted on the tales of new authors from the onboard book fair while practicing comprehension skills that will help them better succeed at school.


By OM International