In a bind for books no more

Tema, Ghana :: Local finds long sought-after books from his childhood schooling.

For how long would you wait for a book? Visitor Kofi de Heer-Menlah waited 30 years until the day he walked on Logos Hope and found exactly what he had been searching for. Well, almost. Out of David Copperfield, Tom Sawyer, Pride and Prejudice, Jayne Eyre, Les Misérables and others, the only one missing was Oliver Twist. Kofi remembers reading the classics in secondary school and over the years wished he could share the stories with his children. “I’d start searching but the books were nowhere,” said Kofi. However, upon hearing a radio interview with crewmembers from the ship, he knew this was his chance. Once on board, he and his family had a great time choosing together. Then Kofi said, “I’ll come back again to look for that Oliver Twist; I’m not letting it go!”


By OM International