Integrity at the work place

Tema, Ghana :: A group of 200 Ghanaian prison guards were encouraged to be people of integrity.

“You can be an example for the people you work with so that when they get out, they can start a new life,” said Captain Dirk Colenbrander (Netherlands) to a group of 200 prison guards from the Ghana prison headquarters in Accra. The guards attended a programme on board Logos Hope tailored just for them, where Cpt. Dirk and others shared about having integrity in the work place. “It’s not always easy,” he said, “but we have to look at the long-term consequences of not having integrity.” Director General of Ghana Prisons Service, M. Kofi Bansah, expressed his thanks for the talk, which he said will surely enhance their work around the country. One employee named Juliette explained that for her, it means she will try to have more patience with the prisoners she oversees.


By OM International