Transformation in Tema

Tema, Ghana :: A Ghanaian ex-crewmember describes his joy in returning to Logos Hope.

“The community and what we do leave a lasting impact. Just sitting and talking with someone – that alone can change a life. I mean, someone did it to me!” said ex-crewmember Samuel Korli (Ghana). Helping prepare Logos Hope’s visit to Tema brought back many good memories for Sam, including when his own life was turned around as a port volunteer on Logos II in 2004. He remembers a transformational conversation he had about God while bagging books one day with a book fair staff member. He then dedicated three years of his life to serving on both vessels, and is excited to see what will come of the visit this time. “My hope is that people will see God in a personal way; as someone that we can have a relationship with.”


By OM International