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A beautiful sail

Cape Town, South Africa :: Logos Hope was blessed with a beautiful and smooth sail into Cape Town, her last port-of-call in South Africa.

A double dose of hope

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope is helping promote The Bible App for Kids in South Africa with OneHope

A journey with God

A group of 23 young adults from nine nations took part in a three-month travelling discipleship programme in Africa last year. These are their stories.

A life saved

A food parcel from OM gave hope to a woman in despair and prevented an abortion.

All I can give you is Jesus Christ

Natalia and the team didn’t have anything to give but the message of Christ. God touched the crowd through the team and 50 people wanted to know more about Jesus that day.

An answered prayer

Pretoria, South Africa :: The help of a Logos Hope Outbound team brings relief.

An Bord Beziehungen knüpfen

East London, Südafrika :: Nicht nur Erwachsene, sondern auch Kinder knüpfen Beziehungen bei Veranstaltungen an Bord der Logos Hope

A new day in missions collaboration

Peter Tarantal, who leads the Emerging Mission Movement in OM, comments on the recent MANI conference in Nigeria and how global partnership is growing.

A Question of Sport

OM SportsLink hosts a trivia quiz evening to raise money and awareness for sports ministry.

A Spirit-led Scavenger Hunt

Chanri Odendaal, leader of the GO Challenge, testifies how God lead the team to the venue He already had in mind for the event.

At the foot of the cross

OM Africa teams and friends gather to read aloud the Word of God and declare its truth over the continent.

Baby safe opens

Opening a ‘baby safe’ in a township near Pretoria, South Africa, helps desperate mothers find a solution and give their babies a future.

Behandelt alle gleich

Durban, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiter leiten Kindern in einem stark vom HIV-Virus betroffenen Dorf im Umgang mit Aids an

Bereit für ein weiteres Jahr

Durban, Südafrika :: Nach Abschluss des Trockendocks und der erfolgreichen Erneuerung der Gutachten stehen jetzt vor der Weiterfahrt die letzten Vorbereitungen an

Bible Study Group Visits the "Fire Place"

The first Thursday evening of each month, OM SA has a time for missionaries to share their stories. A university student decided to come discover what the evening was all about.

BLOG: Balancing Jesus and bone-writing

"If God were to give me the choice—be a successful writer or a missionary for the rest of my life—I can’t honestly say which I’d choose," shares OMer Andrew. "Neither one would be sinful; discerning God’s will is not asking yourself, 'What does God want me to do?' but rather, 'How can I use what I’m doing to glorify God?'"

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BLOG: I don't want to be comfortable

Whether God calls me to be behind a desk in South Africa or sleeping under a mosquito net in Ghana, I want to have that kind of mentality: giving myself first to God and then to others.

BLOG: My passport is my roadmap

"To me, my greatest accomplishment is that I filled all the pages of my passport before it expired," stated OMer Renette. "Sometimes when I feel like I haven’t done any real ‘adult’ stuff I open my drawer, find my travel pouch, take out my passport and flip through the pages. Sometimes I flip through fast, imagining a man is jogging on the top right corner of the pages. Most of the time, I just look through each page remembering the trips I took, the space I was in when I travelled. There are so many seasons captured in those passport pages."

BLOG: Packing life bags

"Growing up, my dad used to share an analogy about the bags we pack in life," explained OMer Renette. "He said parents pack ‘life bags’ for their children, filling each bag with traditions, beliefs, perspectives and stories. The child repacks his/her bag as they interact with the world and have new experiences." What's in your life bag? 

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BLOG: Stewardship

"Stewardship is understanding that what I have now is not mine, it is for God, and from God, to glorify God," shared OMer Renette. "Things move in the Kingdom, funds move from a donor to a ministry to a community school to a teacher to a vendor at the market to a businessman to a church to a missionary. Nothing stands still in the Kingdom; it moves. Things are temporary but wherever I am and whatever I do, I should do it knowing that it is from God; that I’m taking care of what He has given me and that I will do it with a faithful and grateful attitude."

Bored in a queue

It seemed like an ordinary day, but God used Jeanne (South Africa) to connect and encourage future missionaries and establish a financial partnership to bringing hope to the nations.

Breaking the chains of evil

Mamelodi, South Africa :: In a poor town in South Africa, teenagers struggle with drug addiction and no hope in sight.

Breath of life

East London, South Africa :: Crewmembers take care of abandoned babies and learn the harsh truth behind each of them.

Bridges of the Gospel

Richards Bay, South Africa :: 18 crewmembers with many different skills showed up to be bridges of the Gospel.

Brücken für das Evangelium

Richards Bay, Südafrika :: 18 Schiffsmitarbeiter bauen mit vielen unterschiedlichen Fähigkeiten Brücken für das Evangelium

Building a house

Precious is looking for a way to make a living since his parents died of AIDS.

Call them precious

Six girls from the local community join the female AIDS Hope leaders on Friday afternoons to grow their friendship with Jesus and one another.

Cape Town Prays for Slaves

The OM Team visits Cape Town. SportsLink facilitates Game 27, then the OM visits the Bible College. Emphasis is placed on human trafficking and slavery.

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Richard's Bay

Children Experiencing the World

OM South Africa's Mission Discipleship trainees hosted a children's mission event in Pretoria. They focused on the culture of 10 different countries.

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Coaching for life in Randfontein

Community leaders in South Africa met with SportsLink to discuss how coaches can impact the fatherless in Randfontein.

Connecting on board

East London, South Africa :: Connections are made not only between adults, but also between children, in onboard events on Logos Hope.

Connecting with God in prayer

During an outreach to Lesotho an MDT team meets an older man during door-to-door ministry and invites him to their daily prayer meeting.

Cycling to the unreached

Staff from OM SportsLink and Campus Crusade for Christ cycled from Pretoria to Cape Town to minister to people in rural villages along the way.

Deeper into Durban (Part 1)

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope teams are getting to know the real Durban – uncovering the realities hidden behind the skyline of a modern city.

Der Missionsbefehl

Kapstadt, Südafrika :: Christen aus verschiedenen Gemeinden in Kapstadt kommen an Bord und hören mehr darüber, wie sie Gott in der Mission dienen können

Die Frau am Brunnen

Durban, Südafrika :: Eine Frauenveranstaltung an Bord ermutigt zum Leben, wie Gott es für uns gemeint hat

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Dios la envió de Argentina a África

Belén Tersaghi de Argentina pensaba que tenía que esperar hasta terminar la universidad para servir a Dios en misiones. Sin embargo, Dios la envió a África por seis meses a la edad de 20.

Don't throw away the shoes

Although they were often in uncomfortable situations, the MDT team saw hope shining in the eyes and faces of the people they spoke to – God’s people.

Doppelte Dosis Hoffnung

Durban, Südafrika :: Die Logos Hope macht in Südafrika gemeinsam mit OneHope Werbung für eine Bibel App für Kinder

Eine angenehme Überfahrt

Cape Town, South Africa :: Die Logos Hope hatte eine angenehme und ruhige Überfahrt nach Kapstadt in den letzten südafrikanischen Hafen

Eine Gebetserhörung

Pretoria, Südafrika :: Hilfe von einem Logos Hope Outbound Team bringt Entlastung.

Either God or not.

MDT trainees have an opportunity to minister and pray for healing for a lady in Lesotho.

Elder blessing

East London, South Africa :: A few crewmembers had a different Sunday as they visited residents in a home, and so did these precious senior citizens!

Empowered to speak out

One of OM South Africa’s newest ministries focuses on breaking the cycle of ignorance towards abusive behaviour and abuse-related issues.

Empowering women

Women from a poor community recently attended a skills workshop to learn how to make jewellery and build relationships with OM workers.

Es kann sich viel tun

Durban, Südafrika :: Mitarbeiter der Logos Hope kümmern sich bei einem medizinischen Einsatz um körperliche und geistliche Bedürfnisse der Bevölkerung

Exposure to missions

Teens from Germany, UK and South Africa experience the needs and opportunities in South Africa during at 10-day Teens in Missions outreach.

Faithful Obedience

Despite the unlikelihood of this ever happening, she continued to plan and pray, believing that God placed this vision on her heart and that she needed to be obedient.

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Fear turned into hope

A soccer player's heart is changed from hopelessness to true hope.

From Argentina to Africa

Belen, 20, discovers she doesn't need to wait to serve God in missions when He sends her to Africa for six weeks.


Port Elizabeth, Südafrika :: Beim Schlendern über einen Flohmarkt treffen Schiffsmitarbeiter eines Sonntags ein älteres Ehepaar, das die Logos Hope unterstützt

God at work in the exhibit

A group of visual artists went to the Grahamstown art festival in South Africa, to shine God’s light in the darkness.

God promise to provide

Even though Sheela`s life is not easy without a family or a steady income to lean on, she`s encouraged by God`s faithfulness – at every turn, in every moment, He was there. The knowledge of His tangible faithfulness is engraved in her heart.

God's hand heals

God heals a woman during prayer, though she had not shared her need.

God's plans

Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Two crewmembers come across an unexpected opportunity to share the message of Hope with juvenile delinquents.

Golden years, new beginnings

While other couples in their fifties talk about retirement, Philip and Riana Dyason are talking about a new beginning: pioneer ministry in Russia.

Gottes Pläne

Port Elizabeth, Südafrika :: Zwei Schiffsmitarbeiter haben eine ungewöhnliche Gelegenheit und können die Hoffnungsbotschaft and jugendliche Straftäter weitergeben

Great things can happen

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope crewmembers participate in a medical outreach to provide physical and spiritual care.

Gründlich nachgeschaut

Kapstadt, Südafrika :: Wie bereitet sich die Logos Hope auf eine Seereise vor? Wir betrachten eine wichtige Aufgabe, die Suche nach blinden Passagieren…

Haus der Heilung

Port Elizabeth, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiterinnen kümmern sich an einem Nachmittag um Frauen, die Missbrauch, Abhängigkeiten oder Prostitution erlebt haben, verwöhnen sie und suchen das Gespräch

Healed eyes

During an outreach God used the MDT team to intervene for a young girl who went away praising God.

Help that Heals

For months he had to be taken to the clinic on a regular basis and received both medicine and ointment, but nothing helped. But when the principal brought Thabo forward to meet the team, it was immediately evident that he no longer had sores on his head.

Henna opens doors

OM team members Tami and Alu share how henna opens doors to the hearts of the Somali people, living in Cape Town.

Hope floats again!

Durban, South Africa :: After some delays with re-floating, Logos Hope is back in the water and the work continues on schedule.

Hope in every circumstance

When an MDT participant’s family member commits suicide, she becomes puzzled and angry. But with encouragement from others, she recognises God’s compassion.

House of restoration

Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Crewmembers have an afternoon of pampering and connecting with women struggling with a past of abuse, addictions and prostitution.

Im Dunkeln der Nacht

Kapstadt, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiter suchen das Gespräch mit Frauen, die in der Long Street, einer zentralen Straße in Kapstadt, anschaffen gehen

In Durban eintauchen (Teil 1)

Durban, Südafrika :: Teams von der Logos Hope lernen das wahre Durban kennen und entdecken eine verborgene Wirklichkeit hinter der Fassade einer modernen Stadt

In Durban eintauchen (Teil 2)

Durban, Südafrika :: Teams von der Logos Hope lernen das wahre Durban kennen und entdecken eine verborgene Wirklichkeit hinter der Fassade einer modernen Stadt

In nächster Umgebung

Richards Bay, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiter unterhalten sich mit Seeleuten, die auf den Schiffen in nächster Umgebung der Logos Hope arbeiten

In our own backyard

Richards Bay, South Africa :: Crewmembers talk with sailors working on ships docked near Logos Hope.

Into the life zone!

How South African Nigel Keur discovered a new purpose after 15 years in a gang.

Introducing basketball to Mamelodi

Basketball is not played much in South Africa, but OM SportsLink successfully introduces the game to students in Mamelodi, a township outside of Pretoria.

Kids' reading club

Marleen was challenged to create reading curriculum for kids by what she saw while climbing Mount Everest in Nepal.

Launching into dry dock

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope enters dry dock in Durban to begin annual surveys and maintenance.


East London, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiter kümmern sich um ausgesetzte Babys und erfahren mehr über deren traurige Geschichte

Let the show begin!

East London, South Africa :: The Logos Hope theatrical production of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe premieres in East London.

Life Transforming

MMT gives participants a broader view of what is happening in the world beyond what appears in the news. Exploring different places around the globe, many people finish the week with a deeper sense of purpose and direction. Many testified how God has been stirring their hearts towards committed prayer for the persecuted church or using their finances to support those serving on the missions field.

Light in the darkness

OM AIDS Hope, in collaboration with Stanza Bopape Clinic, arranges an event on World AIDS Day 2014 to bring light to the pandemic.

Maiden visit

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope arrives in Durban for her first-ever visit to the city.

Making a move to reignite faith!

Five graduates of OM South Africa’s discipleship training programme share about their new movement, “Re-birth”, and their recent journey through Europe.

Matthew 8 comes to life

A Missions Discipleship trainee experiences four events similar to those written in Matthew 8.

MDT: A springboard into missions

Missions Discipleship Training in South Africa is not a wasted six months--it's a springboard into your calling, preparing and equipping you for the real deal.

Midwifery in the Middle East

A South African OMer plans to use her nursing skills to build relationships with Muslim women in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Mountains of garbage

Norwegian Bible school students on mission trip to South Africa, shares the Gospel at the garbage dump outside Pretoria

Nein, Nein, Nein!

Südafrika :: Gefährdete Kinder bekommen die nötige Unterstützung im „Brunnen des Lebens“.

Never take it back

Missions Discipleship Training students spent a morning bringing their sins, hurts and shame to the cross in a symbolic act.

New chapter of life

During the Go Challenge, the team is asked to pray for an elderly woman while doing door to door ministry in Tzaneen.

Nicht aus eigener Kraft

Klawer, Südafrika:: Ein Landteam an der Westküste des Kaps erlebt einmal mehr, dass seine Kraft begrenzt ist, Gottes Kraft dagegen grenzenlos

No, No, No!

South Africa :: Vulnerable children receive much needed support at Meetse A Buphelo

Not by our might

Klawer, South Africa:: The challenge team in Cape West Coast were reminded of their own limited power and the One who is limitless

OM releases new book

Hellen knew she might die, but she didn’t care if it meant others could know Christ. Read her story and more in OM Africa’s new book.

OM South Africa appoints new leader

On 23 January 2015, OM South Africa celebrated Pranesh Anandlal’s leadership as director since 2008 and welcomed his successor, Andrè van der Bergh.

Once and for all

A Missions Discipleship Training participant discovers that his sins were dealt with by Jesus on the cross, making him free and forgiven, once and for all.

Passing on the baton

After leading AIDS Hope for the past 11 years, Nico and Alma hand over the leadership of Meetse a Bophelo centre in Mamelodi.

Passion for Pakistan

God ignites a sudden passion for Pakistan in a Singaporean girl's heart during OM South Africa’s Missions Discipleship Training.

People of OM: Esther Banzi

Esther Banzi is based in South Africa and works with AIDSLink International--breaking the silence, standing up for justice and showing compassion. She also organizes seminars and workshops for the Transform conference in Europe, and recruiting from the Global South.

Perfect plan over personal preference

Brussels was not Grantley’s ideal place. But as God opened his eyes, Grantley realised that God’s perfect will was far more important than first impressions.

Playing good sports

OM South Africa SportsLink team enjoys a day of ministry with kids in a development centre.

Prayer partners

Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Crewmembers chance upon an elderly couple, who turn out to be Logos Hope’s supporters, during a walk in the Sunday flea market.

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Pray, give, go

"The great thing about Discovery Bible Study is that you figure out the text as you go along," explained OMer Renette. "As people shared what they learnt about God and about man in this passage, we all started talking about the different roles each of them had. Moses’ solely role was to keep the rod up, Joshua oversaw the battle and Aaron and Hur were there to support Moses. It struck me that this is an example of the tagline we have in OM: Pray, Give, Go."

Praying for change

After seeking God to change his current course, Hein van der Merwe attends a five-day programme at OM South Africa and finds new direction.


East London, Südafrika :: Das Theaterstück Der König von Narnia feiert in East London auf der Logos Hope Premiere

Preparing for missions

Engage, OM South Africa’s bi-annual conference, provides a challenge and a channel for joining missions with OM.

Ready for another year

Durban, South Africa :: After the completion of dry dock and successful surveys the final preparations to resume sailing are underway.

Reality: Not the truth

Richards Bay, South Africa :: A Logos Hope team visits a public hospital and is distressed at the sight of suffering children.


Kapstadt, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiter helfen in einem Armenviertel beim Bau einer Mauer um ein Waisenhaus und geben den Waisen damit zusätzliche Sicherheit und Geborgenheit

Segen für Senioren

East London, Südafrika :: Einige Schiffsmitarbeiter erlebten in einem Seniorenheim einen ganz anderen Sonntag und die von Gott geliebten Senioren dort ebenfalls

Serving in weakness

An MDT participant falls ill during a rural outreach and is unable to minister with the rest of his team. However, God has other plans.

Sharing Christ through teaching

Weekly, the OM South Africa AIDS Hope team challenges students in four local schools to make good choices, including the choice for Jesus.

Sharing the passion

Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Crewmembers from the Scottish dance passion group on Logos Hope share their passion with like-minded people to bless others.

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Special and unique and deeply loved

OM AIDS Hope staff teach life skills to children in Mamelodi schools. Among other things, children learn they are wonderfully made.

Stories around the fire

On the first Thursday of every month, a group gathers around the fire pit at OM South Africa’s ministry centre to learn more about missions.

Surprised with joy

Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Crewmembers are surprised with the joys of unplanned encounters during this year's week of rest and refreshment.

Tänze bereiten Freude

Port Elizabeth, Südafrika:: Schiffsmitarbeiter von der schottischen Volkstanzgruppe der Logos Hope machen mit anderen Tanzbegeisterten zusammen alten Menschen eine Freude

Teaching and beyond

AIDSHope team of OM South Africa teaches CrossRoads programme to grade seven students. Apart from presenting life saving information, they want to reflect the character of Christ and build relationships with these teenagers.

Thank God you came

Fifteen pastors attend a training by OM South Africa's AIDS Hope team to learn about supporting those affected by HIV and AIDS.

The darkness of the night

Cape Town, South Africa :: Crewmembers minister to women on Long Street – a major street located in the heart of Cape Town.

The day of love

A couple spends Valentine's Day sharing God's love with a family in need.

The Father's Love

Klawer, South Africa :: A Logos Hope team shares about God the Father's everlasting love to a community where fatherlessness is a prevalent social issue.

The Great Commission

Cape Town, South Africa :: Believers from various churches in Cape Town come on board to find out more on serving God in missions.

The hands of Jesus

Nonyameko was devastated when she tested HIV-positive, but through prayer and the love of people at the AID Hope centre, she found hope in Jesus.

The joy of giving

The children at Meetse Bophelo Centre learn to bless their community through the act of giving.

The Link: A God-story

The story of “The Link”, OM’s new offices in Pretoria, that was miraculously provided by God.

The Link in South Africa

Five OM entities based in South Africa previously working in three separate offices throughout Pretoria have recently united under one roof.

The power of prayer

Prayer is like the light on a miner’s helmet. Without the light there is no way for the workers to do their work, the same as without prayer there is no point to reaching out to people and sharing about Jesus. 

There's more to life than rugby

For the past two years OM South Africa SportsLink has attended a prestigious rugby tournament to spread the good news to players, coaches and staff.

The Samaritan woman

During door-to-door ministry in a small village in South Africa, a woman opens up her house.

The Widow and the Medic

The MDT team went on a rural outreach. Dayne shares his experience with visiting homes and with an accident that happened on the outreach.

The woman by the well

Durban, South Africa :: An onboard event exclusively for women encourages them to live according to the purpose that God set for them.

Together at the cross

Mission Discipleship Training students with OM South Africa leave their burdens on the cross to embrace restoration and freedom in Christ.

Transformed lives

Evangeline felt that God had a special purpose for her on each one of the MDT outreaches.

Treat everyone the same way

Durban, South Africa :: Crewmembers educate children about HIV and AIDS in a village, where the incidence rate is high.

Trockendock beginnt

Durban, Südafrika :: Die Logos Hope kommt in Durban zu den jährlichen Gutachten und Wartungsarbeiten ins Trockendock

True freedom in Christ

Richards Bay, South Africa :: 16 inmates accept Jesus into their lives as crewmembers share the hope of the Gospel in a prison.

Überrascht von Freude

Port Elizabeth, Südafrika :: Schiffsmitarbeiter freuen sich an ungeplanten Begegnungen während der diesjährigen Ruhe- und Erfrischungswoche

Undeniable power of prayer

Australian outreach participant Kathryn Jenkin testifies to how God used her prayers while on outreach in Lesotho.

UNIC ministers to students

Unite Nations in Cape Town (UNIC) works alongside two local universities, building friendships with the international students for God’s kingdom.

Using arts to open hearts

In July, an OM team of artists will use their creative gifts to share about the Creator at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.


Klawer, Südafrika :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope erzählt Kindern und Jugendlichen aus einem sozialen Brennpunkt mit vielen alleinerziehenden Müttern von der ewigen Liebe, die Gott der Vater für sie hat

Vegetables that save lives

If you only owned the ground you stood on, how would you make the most out of it? A creative idea becomes a sustainable reality.

Wahre Freiheit in Christus

Empangeni, Südafrika :: 16 Häftlinge entscheiden sich für Jesus, nachdem ein Team von der Logos Hope ihnen von Gottes Hoffnung erzählt hat

Wall of safety

Cape Town, South Africa :: Crewmembers help to build a wall around an orphanage in a local township to provide safety and security.

Without a vision people perish

Participants of a poverty simulation activity hosted by AIDSLink International discover that it’s very different to minister to the poor than to be the poor.

Xhosa kids meet Jesus

Xhosa children learn about how much God loves them at a kids’ camp in rural South Africa.

Young Hope moves into Mamelodi

Young Hope moves into the township of Mamelodi, South Africa, to bring hope to young people and train the next generation of leaders.

Youth experience persecution

OM teaches East London youth about the persecuted Christians in the world, as well as trains them in street ministry.