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At the Chief's feet

A worker shares a story about becoming the fragrance of Christ as she and a team member wash the feet of a local village chief.

Church rebuild restores hope

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: Logos Hope's volunteers rebuild a flimsy church and encourage the grieving pastor and congregation.

Die unsichtbare Frau

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: Frauen aus der Bevölkerung erleben an Bord der Logos Hope ein herausforderndes Seminar

Fast zur Familie gehören

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: In jedem Hafen, den die Logos Hope, besucht, wird die Mannschaft von der Bevölkerung recht persönlich begrüßt. Doch diesmal fand sie eine neue Familie am anderen Ende des Landungsstegs.

Kirchenbauprojekt bringt Hoffnung zurück

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: Mitarbeiter von der Logos Hope renovieren eine baufällige Kirche in Namibia. Damit bringen sie auch einem trauernden Pastor und seiner Gemeinde die Hoffnung zurück.

Minas for the unreached

Africa Trek Coordinator Eduard* reflects on God's gifts: his life, his wife and 13 participants sharing the Gospel with Topnaar and Himba peoples in Namibia.

Redrawing the family circle

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: Logos Hope's crew members receive a personal welcome in each port they visit. We look at what it means to find new family at the bottom of the gangway.

Standing on the Father's Rock

Young men from African nations find their identity and destiny through hiking in Namibia with the Wilderness Therapy Programme.

The ‘butterfly effect’

Single mothers in Namibia experience life-changing opportunities, thanks to the work and care of one Namibian woman and the OM team.

The future in a bubble

Rodrieck and Geraldine Snyders of Walvis Bay, Namibia, have committed themselves to giving back to God—and they’re using fish to do it.

The invisible woman

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: Local women attend a challenging discipleship event on board Logos Hope

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The light in us

A woman once mentally ill walks in the light of Christ after five years living in spiritual, mental and physical darkness.