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Beten ohne Unterlass

Maputo, Mozambique :: 200 Pastoren und Mitglieder verschiedener Gemeinden in Mosambik versammeln sich zu einer Gebetsnacht auf der Logos Hope

Books and water

Maputo, Mozambique :: Minister of Culture and Tourism in Mozambique reasons that books and water can mix!

Botschafter der guten Nachricht

Maputo, Mozambique :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope besucht ein armes Dorf und gibt gemeinsam mit der örtlichen Kirche die gute Nachricht weiter

Bücher und Wasser

Maputo, Mosambik :: Der Minister für Kultur und Tourismus in Mosambik argumentiert, dass man Bücher und Wasser sehr wohl mischen kann

By the beautiful stones

Antonio Nipueda (Mozambique) recollects his journey to ministry with OM in Mozambique and the ways their prayers have impacted one village there.

Cheerful givers

Maputo, Mozambique :: Logos Hope crewmembers visit local homeless boys in a slum area and were encouraged by their willingness to give.

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Death to life

God brings a young boy back to life and his parents recognise Jesus as Lord.

Der Schatz in dir

Maputo, Mosambik :: Bei einer Veranstaltung an Bord erleben Kinder und Mitarbeiter der Organisation IRIS Ministries in Mosambik das Schiff und werden daran erinnert, wie wertvoll sie sind

Hands that talk

Maputo, Mozambique :: Logos Hope helps deaf students who have little or no opportunity to receive education.

How can they hear?

OM Africa partners with Davar Partners International to distribute audio Bibles to those who cannot read.

Messengers of Good News

Maputo, Mozambique :: A Logos Hope team visits a poor village and joins in the local church to share the Good News.

Miraculous healing in Mozambique

Limardes Domingo, an OM worker in Mecula, Mozambique, has seen church growth over two years through God's faithful answers to prayer.

Sewing and reaping

Lives are transformed in Mozambique as OM’s Tabitha Project gives local women training in sustainable handiwork skills.

Sprechende Hände

Maputo, Mosambik :: Die Logos Hope hilft tauben Schülern an einer Einrichtung für Menschen mit dieser Behinderung, die sonst keinen Zugang zu Bildung hatten

The missionary goats

A shepherd from a Muslim background comes to Jesus thanks to a goat ministry started by OM Mozambique.

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The power of prayer

God answers two specific prayers during an outreach in Mozambique.

The treasure within you

Maputo, Mozambique :: An onboard event for children and staff of IRIS Ministries in Mozambique to experience the ship as well as to be reminded of how precious they are.