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Bekily:  A warm welcome to strangers

OM Madagascar’s annual outreach, “Listen to Me Islands,” includes outreaches to three destinations in the southern and eastern regions of the country. The first leg of these outreaches was from August 7-17 in a city called Bekily. The town opened its arms widely to the strangers in its midst.

Facing the ‘giants’

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Logos Hope crewmembers overcome their ‘giants’ during the one-week challenge team in Madagascar.

Finding the answers

In a university Discovery Bible Study run by OM Madagascar, a student finds the answers he is looking for in the Bible.

From Texas to Tana - Part I

Caitlin, a student from the U.S. interning with OM Madagascar, shares what it’s like to leave home for the mission field.

God's umbrella

Toamasina, Madagascar :: a Logos Hope team embraces leprosy survivors and shows them God's love and acceptance.

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God transforms a family

A woman and her husband accept the Lord after hearing the gospel from an OM team visiting the island of Sante Marie.

Gottes Schirm

Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Liebe und Wärme erfüllte den Raum, als das Logos Hope-Team sich früheren Leprapatienten liebevoll zuwandte und sie so sah, wie Gott das tut

Healing with Hope

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Logos Hope teams visit the world's largest civilian hospital ship and shared a word of encouragement with patients.

Herausforderungen angehen

Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Mitarbeiter der Logos Hope stellten sich bei einem einwöchigen Landeinsatz in Madagaskar ihren persönlichen Herausforderungen

Hoffnung für Androy

Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Dorfbewohner aus dem Süden von Madagaskar reisen drei Tage lang auf die Logos Hope an, weil sie auf ihre Situation aufmerksam machen und Menschen dazu mobilisieren wollen, dass sie in ihrer Region helfen

Hope to Androy

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Villagers from the south of Madagascar travelled three full days to Logos Hope to raise awareness of their situation and mobilise people to serve in their area.


Toamasina, Madagascar :: Crewmembers go hut to hut in a rural village area to care and pray for villagers.

I am a foreigner

"Why was being a foreigner a problem though? It isn’t wrong. It’s not a bad thing, nor anything to be ashamed of. It simply means ‘I’m not from around here.’ But in my mind to be called a local would have meant that I had made it – that I had fully adapted and that I ‘belonged.’ And while it is important and recommendable to assimilate into the local culture where you are, it is equally important to remember that the world is not our home," said OMer Rebecca.

'It's theirs'

A village builds their own school - a big first for the area and a step in transforming the community.

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‘I want to be a missionary’

OM friend and volunteer Eddie Ramamonjiarivelo, from Madagascar, is a teacher and businessman with a heart for God’s kingdom.

Listen to Me, Sainte Marie

God touches many lives on Sainte Marie Island during OM Madagascar's annual outreach, "Listen to Me, Islands".

Media in missions

“Before Media Trek I thought: media--cool hobby, but not necessarily missional,” admitted Kotie-Alet from South Africa.

Missions is for everyone

An outreach to the north of Madagascar was a new experience not only for those being reached, but for the participants and church as well.

Mit Hoffnung heilen

Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Teams von der Logos Hope besuchen das größte Krankenhausschiff für Zivilisten der Welt und ermutigten die Patienten

Neuer Pepp für den Kontakttag

Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Dan und Suzie Potter (USA), von TeenStreet landläufig als die „Duzies“ bekannt, leiten einen Workshop an Bord darüber, wie man auf kreative Weise mit Menschen in Kontakt kommt


Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Fast 200 Gemeindemitarbeiter aus Madagaskar ließen sich an Bord erfrischen und ermutigen


Toamasina, Madagascar :: Almost 200 local church workers in Madagascar came on board for a time to be encouraged and refreshed.

Perline of great price

Since joining OM’s Namana Project, one couple has developed a successful business, built their own home and can give their children an education.

Reading and Writing with Jesus

OM Madagascar responded to the declining literacy rate in the Androy region by starting a literacy course in Ambovombe. Last month the first class graduated, and the second class began.

Sewing Seeds

Perle, meaning 'pearl' in Malagasy, is a Freedom Climb project in Madagascar that teaches women skills to provide for themselves and their families.

Spicing up Connect days

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Dan and Suzie Potter (USA), popularly known as the ‘Duzies’, conducts a workshop on board on connecting with people through creative ways.

The well(ness) project

A well is built in the village of Tsimihevo, Madagascar, improving the standard of living for the whole community.

They got 'The Story'

Antemoro “coastal people” of Amosiala come to faith after learning about Christ through an OM team and volunteers from a neighbouring village.

To understand who Jesus is

An OMers love for people from the Island of Comoros led her to start a Discovery Bible Study for them at a university.

Transforming communities

Despite knowing very little about the Androy region, OMers Fara and Herimanina went willingly and have seen God at work.

Trusting Him for the future

Perla, meaning “pearl” in Malagasy, raises awareness about human trafficking and provides skills training, coupled with discipleship, to at-risk women and girls.

Von Hütte zu Hütte

Toamasina, Madagaskar :: Schiffsmitarbeiter gehen in einem Dorf von Hütte zu Hütte, kümmern sich um die Bewohner und beten für sie

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What the witch doctor saw

A Malagasy witch doctor comes to faith in Christ during an OM outreach and is baptised just one week before his death.

Worth more than jewels

Perla is a Freedom Challenge project in Madagascar that is empowering women through skills training.