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OM Africa SportsLink aims to serve churches, empower sports leaders and equip coaches to transform their communities through sport.

We want to see every player and coach in every city and country serving their local church in and through sport. OM Sportslink Africa acts as a catalyst for church planting; establishing next-generation disciples and developing leaders.

Our vision is to see a new generation of energetic leaders rising up from Africa. As every village is filled with aspiring players competing, aspiring to achieve more, so sport is strategically used to reach the community. We disciple young leaders to be change agents in their community, to reach the whole of Africa.

We are currently operating in South Africa, Zambia, Central North Africa, Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Zimbabwe and have planned development into Namibia, Ghana, Botswana, Madagascar, Tanzania and Burundi.



Sportslink Stories

“I have always wanted to do more than coach specific sport skills,” Joseph said. “This approach touches all areas of fitness: physical, emotional and spiritual–all aspects of a human being.”

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Kasama is known for sports and vulnerable kids; two subjects that OMer Noel is passionate about.

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A soccer player's heart is changed from hopelessness to true hope.

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