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Our purpose in South Africa is to build relationships with local churches, and through these relationships to disciple and send workers into communities. Our desire is to see transformation take place locally and throughout the nations.

South Africa is a large country known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ for its cultural diversity. There are four distinct people groups represented—Blacks, Whites, Coloureds and Indians—and sub-groups within those four. The living conditions in the country are almost as diverse as the people, with many affluent Whites living in city suburbs, and many Blacks living in poor and dilapidated townships.

The church of South Africa is also affected by the stark cultural contrasts. In the suburbs the church is fairly well resourced but, in the predominantly Black townships, it struggles financially and is often the object of missions efforts itself.


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  • Missions Discipleship Training

    Missions Discipleship Training

    Preparing and equipping people for a missional life — wherever that may be! Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is an intensive training programme aimed at equipping you for a missional life wherever God calls you. We focus

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  • Lesotho


    Sharing the love of Jesus to the Basotho people in northern Lesotho In northern Lesotho surrounded by mountains is a ministry called "Place of Hope", that brings hope and restoration to the Basotho people. Do

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  • Impulse


    Helping young people discover deeper meaning and purpose in their lives Do you have a heart for young people and have a desire to help them discover deeper meaning and purpose in their lives? If

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  • National Mobilising Team

    National Mobilising Team

    Discovering the called individuals God wants to involve in full-time missions You will find us everywhere in South Africa - hosting presentations in churches, schools or at universities. Through fun, food and educational experiences, we give

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  • AIDSHope*


    Ministering in Mamelodi, Tshwane to people whose lives are affected by HIV and other destitute situations In the east of Mamelodi, Tshwane you will find our big green lawn where the sound of children's voices

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  • SportsLink


    Using sport to model the love of Christ to disadvantaged children Do you enjoy to run with, throw or kick a ball? Do you like teaching others skills that you have mastered since the time

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  • Shared Services Team

    Shared Services Team

    Timely money transfers, successful visa applications and professional marketing material. Not glamorous but essential. Have you been to university? Worked in the market place? Into IT, social media or corporate design? Do efficiency, excellence and

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  • Western Cape

    Western Cape

    Befriending foreigners and neighbours and inviting them closer into a community of believers in Jesus Christ In the Mother City called Cape Town you will find our team in many different places. Some have regular

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  • An Empowered Generation

    An Empowered Generation

    Seeking to lay a foundation of God's love in the lives of teens and school children Through An Empowered Generation, we seek to lay a foundation in which children and teens discover that they are

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  • Art Beat

    Art Beat

    Using visual and performing arts to share our thoughts and hearts and to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers established and growing in their praise of Him We use visual and performing arts in mission!

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  • Eastern Cape

    Eastern Cape

    Empowering the church for missions, locally and abroad Our ministries in Eastern Cape are situated in the three cities of East London, King William's Town and Port Elizabeth. Our dream is to see the church

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