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Our vision is to mobilize, equip and facilitate the church to send workers amongst the isolated rural communities in Mozambique and beyond to bring about community transformation, setting them free from fear and lies.

Mozambique has been badly affected, and many people traumatized, by colonialism and decades of civil war. We began working in Mozambique in 1995, training local pastors and leaders through seminars. This training soon became an established discipleship training programme.

OM in Mozambique is primarily based around the training centre in Mocuba, a city in the northern part of the country. Mozambican churches send members to participate in the OM training programme to gain knowledge and experience in sharing Christ’s love with others.

OM Mozambique Ministries

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Lay-preachers and leaders of the Mozambican church do not always have access to sound biblical training. OM Mozambique has been changing this situation by providing training courses for them. The leaders of the local churches

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  • Missions Discipleship Training

    Missions Discipleship Training

    In order to achieve our vision we offer a training programme at our training base in Mocuba that aims to train vibrant workers who will bring about community transformation and freedom in rural communities in

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  • Incaia Ministry

    Incaia Ministry

    There is an OM Centre located in Incaia, in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. It is situated right next to the main road on the way to the north of Mozambique. There are a large

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  • Community Transformation

    Community Transformation

    There is a small team working in the rural communities of Northern Mozambique with the purpose of transforming those communities with God’s love and freedom. The communities reject schools, believing them to be evil and

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  • Tabitha


    Our Tabitha programme reaches out to the women in the villages around Mocuba offering them a chance to meet together to learn skills that will help them tackle life’s problems and provide better for their

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  • Hope on the Streets for Children

    Hope on the Streets for Children

    Hope on the Streets for Children helps train the church to understand children and youths who are on the streets. We offer six modules of training covering: Trauma and Crisis and foundational needs; Intervention; Care

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  • Training and HQ Base Development

    Training and HQ Base Development

    We have 9 hectares of land which is partly developed into classrooms, small offices, staff housing and student accommodation It is greatly in need of further development to help accommodate more people and provide basic

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