School Ministries

Providing quality Christian education and daily meals to vulnerable children and developing self-sustainable projects for the school.

Many children are orphaned in Malawi. They are placed in homes with extended family, but with the extra burden on already big families most of them do not have the opportunity to attend school. Many are victims of child exploitation. Those who do go to school receive poor quality education, as the schooling standard in remote areas is very low. Education of a higher standard and awareness about the child exploitation are needed in the community.

We currently have two schools—the Chiyembekezo School and the Chisopi School.

The Chiyembekezo School, for orphaned and vulnerable children, is currently in its second year and has 13 children in Standard 1 and 18 children in preschool.

The Chisopi School is in a muslim village where we have planted a church. 18 children are registered in the preschool class. All of the children are from a muslim background.

Both schools have a feeding program where children receive two meals per day. The guardians/parents of the children work in the school fields and garden as their contribution towards the schoolfees.