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Our vision as OM Malawi is to see people and entire communities being transformed through the preaching of the gospel and the equipping of true believers for ministry and service. By equipping Christians, we hope to mobilise the local church to reach out to the millions living in Malawi.

Malawi is a landlocked country in central Africa, best known for beautiful Lake Malawi and its friendly and open-hearted people.  The country is quite mountainous and is bordered by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.  At least fifty per cent of the population lives below the poverty line and in rural regions, this percentage may be much higher.

OM Malawi Ministries

  • Training Centre

    Training Centre

    Part of our vision in Malawi is to reach the least reached Yao people who are predominantly Muslim. At our Training Centre, the following trainings are presented to train believers (both from Muslim and from

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  • Agriculture


    It is our desire for individuals and ministries to be self-sustaining. We present Farming Foundations training to the team and members in the community to teach them God's Way of Farming. We help and encourage

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  • School Ministries

    School Ministries

    Providing quality Christian education and daily meals to vulnerable children and developing self-sustainable projects for the school. Many children are orphaned in Malawi. They are placed in homes with extended family, but with the extra

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  • Radio Station

    Radio Station

    Radio is an extremely powerful and effective way of reaching the masses with the gospel, especially in Malawi where radio is used by 90% of the population. The vision is to see the people of

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  • Outreaches


    It is for this reason, to bring together the lives of those who serve God 'on-the-field' and those who support them, that we host outreaches. It is a blessing for people who support our work

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  • Community Work

    Community Work

    As the saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words". While working in a Muslim community, we have seen this to be true multiple times. We reach out to the elderly and vulnerable in our community

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  • Women's Ministry

    Women's Ministry

    Our female team members, guardians and worker's wives get together in fellowship once a week. We have seen the importance of equipping women since they are commonly the ones who take care of the children

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  • Church Planting

    Church Planting

    We planted a church in a muslim village which, in turn, has planted another church. One of our trained missionaries is living in the village with his family where they are modeling a biblical lifestyle

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  • Bible Studies

    Bible Studies

    Each missionary (team member) is being an influence in the village he lives in as well as neighbouring villages by sharing the word of God, teaching the truth of the Bible and doing community work

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Featured Story

  • Mina is a 6 year old girl.She has 3 sisters and one brother. Her dad left the family so her mom takes care of the family.
  • Mina waking in the morning. OM Malawi provided blankets and food to Mina°Øs and other families after their homes were lost in the flood.
  • Mina's older sister is preparing breakfast.
  • Comfortable in her mother's arms, Mina washed before going to school. OM Malawi made a well so that this community can have access to water.
  • Mina is walking to school. OM Malawi provides free schooling to vulnerable children. It is a 30 minute walk for Mina every morning from her home.
  • Mina's class is having devotions with an audio Bible.
  • Mina is learning about shapes with a puzzle. The smaller class makes it possible for more individual attention as normal school classes have up to 120 students per class; Mina's class has 15 students.
  • Mina plays on a swing. A donation through OM Malawi made it possible to build a playground for the children to enjoy during their play time.
  • Mina receives food from the school. Due to a lack of nutrition at home the children had difficulty concentrating at school. Now the school provides meals for the children at breakfast and lunch.
  • Mina is eating Nsima made from maize flour. The school has a garden to produce the food for the children.
  • Mina and her mom next to the goat that OM Malawi gave them. OM Malawi gives female goats to families in need through their goat project. When the goats have babies they give the firstborn baby back to OM. Om Malawi then gives it to the next family. These goats help to sustain the families.
  • Mina's older brother, Rahim, is digging up clay from the ruins of their house. They will use this clay to build a new home.
  • Builders are working on Mina's new house. OM Malawi is helping 50 families that lost their homes in the flood to build new houses.
  • A builder lays clay bricks in Mina's new house.
  • Mina's mom standing outside their new house. OM Malawi provides the materials for the house.
  • After school, Mina is playing in the kitchen.
  • Mina's mother is comforting her.
  • Mina is playing with her friend and younger sister.
  • Mina and her mother are listening to an audio Bible in the evening.
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