Perla Project

Human trafficking awareness program and gospel-centred skills training, equipping young ladies to acquire good jobs and avoid slave-like labour or being trafficked.

Jessy* is from the southern region of Madagascar. She was sent to the local market by her parents to buy groceries, but without any money, forcing her to prostitute herself in what is known as Tsenan’Ampela or the “girls market”. Most child-trafficking in Madagascar occurs with the involvement of family members. Child sex tourism is an increasing problem in the coastal cities.

Perla helps girls who escape child trafficking done under the guise of culture to find the way back to school. 
Girls from the countryside often migrate to cities such as Antananarivo, looking for work as servants in rich or middle class homes, ending up as domestic slaves. Most of them are barely able to read and write their names. Many become victims of abuse, including physical violence, by their employers. They are usually paid a pittance and what they do earn often goes to support their parents.

Perla provides skills training, coupled with discipleship, assisting these girls to find good jobs as domestic servants and will become a witness of their faith amongst the family who will receive them. 
The Perla project also creates awareness of the reality of human trafficking in Madagascar.

*Names changed