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Our goal as OM Madagascar is to train up Malagasy nationals to take the gospel to the many remote villages along the island that that are still considered unreached. We want to see the church become mobilised and equipped for the task of reaching the least-reached in Madagascar. We want to see the church shift from being just a mission field to becoming part of God’s plan to reach the nations.

The large island of Madagascar can be found just off the coast of eastern Africa. It is a country with a French heritage and an unstable political climate. While Madagascar’s political situation does play a part in the country’s weak economy, frequent natural disasters — such as floods and cyclones — are another big contributor.

In the Southern end of Madagascar lives the Tandroy people, an unreached people group living in harsh, drought-ridden circumstances. This is the story of the first village that has been reached by two OM ladies. Watch the video here.

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OM Madagascar Ministries

  • Outreach


    The purpose of the outreach is to give cross-cultural mission exposure to the participants, bring the Gospel to the least reached people in the Northern part of the Island in partnership with local churches. The

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  • Literacy Programme

    Literacy Programme

    The already low literacy rates are declining in the south at a rapid rate. Some families can not financially afford to send their children to school, and others need them to look after the home

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  • Namana Project

    Namana Project

    Namana is a Malagasy word meaning 'friend'. This community development project helps people become independent and able to provide for their families. We gives small loans, as well as business training, for recipients to start

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  • Muslim work

    Muslim work

    In recent years, more and more Comorans have been coming to Madagascar to work and study from the neighbouring Islamic island country of Comoros. We reach out to Comorans through a Bible study at the

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  • Relief work

    Relief work

    Our current relief project is the digging of a well in a village 6km away from Ambovombe. The village was in desperate need of easily accessible and affordable water. Dust and dirt cover everything in

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  • AudioBible Recording

    AudioBible Recording

    There is no full translation of the Bible in the Tandroy dialect, and even if there were, most people would be unable to read it. Solar-powered audioBibles provide a unique solution. Over the past year

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  • Perla Project

    Perla Project

    Human trafficking awareness program and gospel-centred skills training, equipping young ladies to acquire good jobs and avoid slave-like labour or being trafficked. Jessy* is from the southern region of Madagascar. She was sent to the

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