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Our vision as OM Lake Tanganyika is to see the people living around the Lake worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. We want to see them experience freedom from their fears and bondage to spirit worship, and to become people and communities transformed by the love of Jesus.

On the whole, the villages of Lake Tanganyika are characterised by underdevelopment. The predominant source of livelihood is fishing as agricultural farming is an almost impossible venture in the rocky soil. Clinics and schools are few and the literacy rate is very low. Ritual sacrifices are thought to help the fishermen bring in a good catch. A visit to the local witch doctor is believed to ensure blessing when sickness occurs. People follow the traditions of spiritism and witchcraft and are largely bound by fear.

Kapembwa is a village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika that was known for its spiritual darkness. That changed when people began praying.

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OM Lake Tanganyika Ministries

  • Prayer


    We believe that everything should begin with prayer. Each Monday we pray and fast as a team.

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  • Good News School

    Good News School

    The latest census indicated that Mpulungu has a population of about 100,000 people, of which 46% are children. Many of these children are vulnerable or orphaned. In Zambia, schooling is free for orphans up to

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  • Fishers of Men

    Fishers of Men

    One of the main local industries is fishing. God has led us to come alongside the fishermen, spending time with them out on the lake and sharing, showing, and reading the Word of God. There

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  • Skills Training

    Skills Training

    The amount of fish available in the lake is gradually reducing due to years of overfishing. People need another alternative for how to make their living. We have implemented different areas of ministry to prepare

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  • Community Transformation

    Community Transformation

    In addition to fishing with the fishermen, the team has begun brainstorming ideas with the fishermen about how to healthily evolve and grow the community into a sustainable economy.

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  • Medical Ministry

    Medical Ministry

    Along the Zambian shoreline of Lake Tanganyika are people living in remote villages inaccessible by road. People living in these villages have very limited access to health care as a direct consequence of their geographical

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  • AIDSLink International

    AIDSLink International

    We partner with AIDSLink International in order to impact the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. Along the Zambian shoreline of Lake Tanganyika are people living in remote villages inaccessible by road. People living in these

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  • Burundi


    Discipleship and Farming God’s Way are being implemented in this area we are working in, led by Lake Tanganyika missionaries who accepted the call to carry God’s work there. Our vision is to see Burundian

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  • Relief & Development

    Relief & Development

    Living on a large expanse of water often times brings about unpredictable weather and damaging aftereffects. When a crisis comes about or supernatural events occur, our team prepares to come alongside the communities in efforts

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  • Support Services

    Support Services

    The primary OM Lake Tanganyika base in Mpulungu is over 1,000 kilometers from the airport in Lusaka, where most supplies are purchased. Some office supplies must be purchased in South Africa and are expensive to

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  • Sports Ministry

    Sports Ministry

    Entering a remote village can be difficult even for an African missionary, but a missionary who enters the village with a soccer ball and plays with the children and youths is quickly invited. Teaching the

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