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Our goal in Central North Africa is to share Christ through means of training programmes in fields like sewing and knitting, discipleship programmes, friendship evangelism, and sports.

Most Africans living in this area are livestock farmers, but the severe droughts make this a difficult job at times. On top of this, previous years of civil war and an overall poor infrastructure hinders any economic progress. There are also a great number of refugees from neighbouring countries.

Central North Africa Ministries

  • Discipleship


    We want to see the church getting involved in the Great Commission so that this region can evangelize to their very own culture. With many Christians persecuted, there are numerous barriers against deepening faith with

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  • Widows Ministry

    Widows Ministry

    In this culture, men do not usually spend time with women so chances of having conversations with women are slim as male missionaries. Our team consists of only men, so we cannot be found talking

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  • Sports Ministry

    Sports Ministry

    Soccer in Africa is a BIG THING, especially in this region, the game is almost worshipped. Many young people dream of becoming one of those celebrities that they see on Football Sports channels. So, with

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  • Seeing fruit

    OMer Peter reflects on the last 15 years on the missions field and dreams about what is coming next.

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