• Transforming Lives and Communities

    Let Us Introduce Ourselves

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We are a group of men and women, from many different nationalities, joining hands in a common faith in Jesus Christ and working to make His name known and worshiped in Africa and everywhere else.

Operation Mobilization (OM) is an international Christian mission organization that works around the world with over 3,100 missionaries from more than 100 nations working in more than 110 countries and onboard an ocean-going missions ship. We, OM Africa, are the division of OM that are primarily focusing our efforts on the continent of Africa.

Our vision is to see the glory of the Lord rise and shine in and from Africa, transforming lives and communities, especially amongst the least reached. We are trusting God to transform 350 communities amongst the least reached people groups by the year 2027 by calling, preparing and sending 5000+ new workers to and from the African continent.


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Our 5 Key Ministry Areas

  • 1: Evangelism

    1: Evangelism

    As recorded in Matthew 28, Jesus tells His followers to “go and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” As believers in Christ, we are commissioned to be His witnesses to every country, people group, and culture. We are called to deliver His message of hope, to proclaim to the world what He’s done in us – and what He can do for others.

  • 2: Relief & Development

    2: Relief & Development

    Where some look at the needs and pain in the world with despair or disinterest, OM sees tremendous opportunity and privilege to serve the poor, marginalised and forgotten. We are committed to being in the global forefront of relief and development. This could be disaster response that literally saves lives, the patient but difficult rebuilding of devastated communities or creating dignity in people through skills training and small business ventures.

  • 3: Church Planting

    3: Church Planting

    The DNA of God’s global Church includes the reproduction of believing communities in every nation. Thus, in everything we do, our aim and passion is to see churches formed and become self-reproducing, especially in places where there are few or no churches today.

  • 4: Justice

    4: Justice

    Working for justice involves showing compassion to the oppressed and wronged in practical ways, like skills training or pursuing legal campaigns to raise awareness in the world and among God’s people.

  • 5: Discipleship

    5: Discipleship

    Discipleship includes training and the transfer of skills and knowledge, but it’s so much more. It’s a witness to an open life worthy of imitation—perhaps an older, experienced person ‘holding the ladder’ for a younger colleague.

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