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Appreciating the wives

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: An afternoon of appreciation for local pastors’ wives reminds them of God’s promises for them.


Zanzibar is an island paradise that could use much more of the Son.

Day off, faith on

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: Finding an answer to the difficult questions in serving “the least of these”.

Du bist etwas Besonderes

Daressalam, Tansania :: Männer aus einem Drogenrehabilitationszentrum werden an Bord ermutigt und hören, dass sie für Gott wertvoll sind

Echoes of hope

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: Crewmembers share their hope through music.

Echos der Hoffnung

Daressalam, Tansania :: Schiffsmitarbeiter geben ihre Hoffnung durch Musik weiter

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« Freedom climb » : l’ascension du Kilimandjaro

Freedom climb est une initiative d'OM International. Dans ce projet, des femmes sont montées jusqu'au sommet du Kilimandjaro pour susciter prises de conscience, prières et finances en faveur des femmes et des enfants opprimés dans le monde.

Friede, Hoffnung und Bildung

Daressalam, Tansania :: Bei der Eröffnungsfeier in Daressalam geht es um den Wunsch, dass die Bevölkerung von Tansania Frieden und Hoffnung erlebt

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Man of many hats

A pastor and OMer in Tanzania is taking initiative in his quest for community transformation

Meaningful exchanges

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: A Logos Hope team shares many meaningful exchanges with students at the local national university in Tanzania.

Peace, hope and education

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: The official opening in Dar es Salaam shared a vision for peace and hope to the people of Tanzania.

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The heart of Taturuland

Bordering the Serengeti in northern Tanzania, a pastor is busy planting churches and winning souls one at a time

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What is God doing in Bunda?

Chacha Balili, a local Tanzanian, totally renewed by message and prayer in Bunda Conference, Tanzania

Wichtiger Austausch

Daressalam, Tansania :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope kann einen wichtigen Austausch mit Studierenden an der örtlichen Nationalen Universität von Tansania anstoßen

You are special

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: Men from a local drug rehabilitation centre were invited on board for a time of encouragement and to reaffirm that they are special.