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The Africa trek is a discipleship movement, where we live, laugh, cry and learn together, while traveling through Africa. We focus on following Jesus be that in the classroom, on the road or in a remote African village.

Although every Trek has a different flavour to it, we continue to see God work in miraculous ways. As we follow Jesus we get to tell the good news everywhere we go from churches to unreached tribes. We get to practice what we preach as we pray, build, disciple, play with kids, serve the communities and love the unlovable.

If you come with an open heart and a desire to walk with God, you will stand amazed at how much God can do in and through your life in such a short time.


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Trekkie Testimonies

  • Little did I know or expect of the impact that was my "Africa Trek".  It not only altered my view of Africa but it revolutionized my view of God through his sovereign hand working in us and through us to impact the people we encountered. I cannot but with the utmost urgency and recommendation, commend to you the Africa Trek.  If you are sitting on the fence, consider me kicking you towards the venture. Greg HayesFrom USA
  • The Africa Trek was a life-changing opportunity where I experienced God moving through me, touching my soul, and blessing others. I got to witness the Holy Spirit at work in deepest, darkest Africa. I could be a part of Christ's international church—a part that is obedient, active, and going to the ends of the earth! Trina SkinnerFrom South Africa
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  • What is the passion that drives the Trek? +

    We are consumed by a passion for our King Jesus and his Kingdom. We love the term "followers of Jesus” because we often get to see how he is still calling people today and we, as followers, get to be part of it.

    Since the beginning of the Trek, the Lord has been bringing the unreached into focus for us. In our adventures through Africa we have had the privilege to rub shoulders with many we may call "unreached people groups". This has sparked a passion in the Trek to reach the unreached. Whether that's in the streets of a big city or in a grass hut on the savanna, we just love seeing God build His church through the Holy Spirit.

    It has been said about Africa that it has been evangelized a mile wide but only an inch deep and with devastating consequences. This environment has been a big reality check for us and we have come to appreciate the role of discipleship on a much deeper level.

    On the Trek we have the opportunity to live, travel, play, cry, grow, and minister together 24 hours-per-day and 7 days-per-week for at least three months at a time. What a challenge...what a privilege...what an opportunity to disciple and be discipled. We love it!

  • Who can do the Trek? +

    We believe that God puts every group together for a specific reason and mission. Therefore we prayerfully consider every candidate right up to the last minute before the Trek starts. This has lead to an amazing mixture of cultures, backgrounds, and ages becoming one big family. We have had 18 year olds fresh out of high school to 36 year olds with much life experience thrown into one big pot - and it works!

    What we do expect of anybody joining the Trek is an openness to what God is doing in your life and a willingness to obey Him.

  • Do I need to be from a particular church denomination? +

    One of the many great things about the Africa Trek is that we get to live and work together with brothers and sisters from all the different denominational streams.

    We love the interaction and revelation that flows when people look at the same thing from different angles and backgrounds, and then test it against the Word. We also love to see Trekkies define what they believe for themselves as they grow and mature in their own walk with Christ. The Trek leadership teams consist of leaders with vastly different denominational backgrounds that are united by one common denominator - Jesus Christ. It is our passion to follow Jesus daily in a practical way, and it is that passion we seek to impart to the Trekkies.

  • Is the Trek a Holiday/Vacation? +

    If your idea of a holiday/vacation is to be pampered and just do what you want when you want, then this is no holiday/vacation! As part of the Trek you will have the privilege to go into places no tourist will ever see, and to see God move in ways most Christians don't even dream is possible; but there is much to surrender on the way.

    On the Trek you will have the opportunity to sleep in beds and on the ground. Your accommodation may vary between nice chalets with hot water and a bed, to tents or grass huts with no running water, a bucket and a long-drop toilet.

    As we travel we get to eat what the locals eat, and we quickly learn that variety is a luxury, and that food is a necessity in rural Africa.

    Everyone finds the Trek tough at some stage BUT, as you behold the beauty of what God is doing in Africa, you will be spoiled for ordinary living. God is moving through Africa in an unprecedented way, and it’s so exciting to be part of it.

  • Will we be traveling the entire time while I'm in Africa? +

    You will be on a journey for the whole time you are in Africa, but not always moving from place to place.

    In Phase One you get to travel for a couple of months with your Trek Family. In this time your Trek leaders and various excellent OM teachers will pour their lives and knowledge into you, while you get to apply what you learn in the field. This is a time of great growth, exposure and change, and a time to learn how to serve as you practice to follow Jesus.

    Phase Two takes you to a new level, where you get to serve in your gifting. Depending on your journey and what is available at the time, you could be serving our King anywhere between our modern city OM offices in Pretoria, South Africa or in the blistering heat with our team on the ground in Central North Africa.

    In this time you will be discipled by the local ministry leaders, with periodic input and training from the Trek leadership and the bigger OM Family.

    Africa offers many opportunities in various African countries to become part of what God is doing and we find great pleasure in prayerfully matching you with the right opportunities.

  • What about special food needs or allergies? +

    Although we do have good doctors in Africa, we often travel to very remote places on the Trek. For this reason, we are not well suited for people with special food needs or life-threatening allergies which is why we suggest that people with these considerations check out one of OM's other localized training programmes in Africa.

  • Why should I do the Trek? +

    The Africa Trek is a life changing adventure but only if it is on God’s heart for you at this stage of your journey. We do believe God picks the team, so ask Him if you should come!

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